NoPusher poster

We are selling a high quality t-shirts and hoodies with original printings.

We dedicate to create clothes, throw which we can spread hemp culture and at the same time work on topics which are very precious for us.

We create designs celebrating this exceptional and unfairly denounced plant, which are discreet and useful for any ocasion. Clothing for growers and hemp lovers created by themselves.

We offer you this cannabis collection, so everybody can choose T-shirt with his favourite strain  and in his style. We added also some designs which express solidarity with group of people, for which marihuana is a part of their lives. We think that we are not only few persons, so why not express disagreement with nonsencial illegality and criminalization of marihuana. Only that is the reason why hemp gets to the hands of criminals.

As a new category, We put some reggae clothing out. T-shirts as "Babylon Will Fall" or fresh Spectacular´s "We can do it". Check the new reggae category here: